Taking Photographs For Face Mapping

We can map your face onto a character and immerse the character into a 3D environment. This gives you almost unlimted possibilites. Imagine you could be a rock star on stage, a cowboy in dodge city, a pirate onboard a ship or a businessman giving a speech, the choice is yours.
Our requirements when taking face mapping photographs . . .
Photographs of your face should be taken at a high resolution to give a detailed result. As we are mapping only the face long hair should be tied back off the face to give a clear image. The face should be well lit on a white background with no shadows. The whole of the head should be on display, lips should be closed and the face should have no expression. We also require any full length photograph for body reference purposes. All images can be emailed to us.

Photograph 1 take a right profile photo of the face.     Photograph 2 take a photo of the face straight on.     Photograph 3 take a left profile photo of the face.
Photographs 4 onwards show some of the face & head possibilites taken from the original. Clothes, props, and animation are then added in the production.
To view our examples click  Marilyn Monroe   Audrey Hepburn   Elvis Presley